L’Oustou de Beaumanière in Les Baux de Provence: In Les Baux de Provence and available with our Alpilles and Arles

Deluxe Drivers invite you to book for this restaurant during one of your private tour les Baux de Provence with your private english speaking driver.
The Oustau table sparkles with its two stars and proposes refined and authentic gastronomy that reaches its highpoint when paired with one of the vintage wines of the outstanding cellar. Your private Chauffeur will drive you in all security in this High gastronomy restaurant.
But Baumanière’s restaurant is much more than just a gastronomic experience. It is also a place where one falls in love, or closes an important business deal, or celebrates life’s important events. This is where children taste their first beans – and like them – where you sample your first Château d’Yquem, where celebrities dine at the next table… Baumanière is a world of its own, where everyone feels at home.

At Oustau, converted into ae dining room nestled in the rock, he has made his dream come thruth in very risky way: to serve a directory noble dishes with very few locals, some of which come to Avignon riding with a bike, like him. And Thuilier, fearless, good wishes, is armed with a tried courage, which is why in 1947 he opened the rooms and a swimming pool despite the lack of water in summer. Tourists stop over on this steep peak, word-of-mouth has forged a local clientele and, the success came to him. Deluxe Drivers will be pleased to drive to this authentic gastronomic place…