Le Jardin des Plumes Giverny


16 March 2021

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Le Jardin des Plumes Giverny

Deluxe France is a French destination management company (DMC). We are specialized in private tours & experiences with our own drivers, guides and car fleet. As a DMC, our mission is to share the best recommendations during your private tours & experiences. During a private tour to Giverny & Monet Gardens, Le Jardin des Plumes is a must. Don’t hesitate to ask our booking agents to book for a table for you. Our knowledgeable english speaking drivers can also book a table while you visit the Giverny Monet Gardens.

Le Jardin des plumes: A Michelin star restaurant

You can easily reach Le Jardin des Plumes from Claude Monet’s house. This beautiful Anglo-Norman edifice invites guests to wind down and relax. The famous chef David Gallienne is originally coming from Normandy and was trained at Manoir du Lys. The chef still works with some of his former fishermen suppliers from Orne or Dieppe. David Gallienne loves to create inventive recipes and incorporate unusual flavours & textures. Le Jardin des Plumes has 1 Michelin star.

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Tours & Experiences to be combined with Le Jardin des Plumes Giverny

During your stay in Paris, Deluxe France proposes tours & experiences. Your private driver , driver-guide or guide will be happy to book Le Jardin des plumes. It can be booked onsite or we can also book it at the time of reservation with our booking agents.

Please find a few ideas below of private tours & experiences that we do recommend.

  • Le Jardin des Plumes can be booked during your private tour Giverny
  • Or also part of your guided tour with driver to Versailles & Giverny
  • It can also be a perfect stop if you are going to Normandy. In fact it’s half way between Paris & your place of stay in Normandy. Or if you arrive to CDG airport and you go straight to Normandy.