La Maison Jaune: In St Rémy de Provence and available with our Alpilles and Arles

In the old centre of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence stands an authentic 18th century dwelling known as La Maison Jaune. The Yellow house as they call it, used to be a place where Van Gogh made its most famous works. We wil drive you to a typical village house with its ocher and its blue shutters. Dating back to the eighteenth century, it offers on the ground floor a nice reception as well as a beautiful vaulted room. 
Upstairs the main dining room opens onto a large terrace with a capacity of 34 seats overlooking the Hôtel de Sade. A staircase leads to the patio which opens onto a magnificent covered terrace. In the kitchen, the key to François Perraud’s art lies in the skillful choice of his ingredients, his subtle combinations and his meticulous preparations. The success of this establishment owes nothing to chance: it rewards an exceptional setting and a demanding artisan.
It’s the perfect house in a very tourisitic site: tables close enough to feel among friends, not as to imagine a calculation of the covered square meter,and of course, a natural and authentic welcoming. The decor is temperate, beautifully Provencal,with rough walls and its pastel colors, wrought iron beams, Virginia creeper, and the kitchen, speaks for itself.
In other words, be sure to reserve with our Deluxe France Experts Team during your private Tour in Provence.