La Bastide de Marie

Eat out on the terrace …
Enjoy lunch on the terrace of the restaurant with its pebble paving in the leafy shade of a lime tree or a luxuriant virgin vine, and let your gaze wander over the little wall into the huge vineyard. Make the most of the evenings lit up by lanterns, in the shelter of an arbour made by a local wrought iron craftsman. What a fabulous lunch you will experience in la Bastide de Marie!
Deluxe Drivers will book your table in this pleasant provencal restaurant and drive you to this hidden treasure in the heart of Provence
…or indoors in the “Bastide” de Marie.
On cool evenings, you can relish a delicious lunch (o diner if you prefer) happily installed in the restaurant’s indoor dining room. Rough, exposed stone walls and an exposed beam ceiling give the place a simple, welcoming feel. The tables laid out with delicate china on a grey-beige linen tablecloth convey sober refinement…a delightful understatement that enhances the highly colourful lunch.

The chef at La Bastide de Marie Restaurant works closely with nature, using seasonal produce. Freshness is his watchword as he sets out each day to gather treasures from the local markets, where the displays of regional producers inspire his dish of the day. Simple recipes and imaginative combinations give his menus their light, scented and melodious accents, full of the Provence we love to breathe in and savour.

So let yourself into the authentic provencal culture, and of course you will taste the best provencal flavors. In the middle of provencal vineyards, your lunch in the Bastide de Marie Restaurant will be for sure in harmony with beautiful nature.