Christian Etienne: In Avignon and available with our The Pope city & Wine

Share, give, receive, is the slogan and the philosophy of Christian Etienne.

This is how we live in Provence where cooking comes from the heart. This beautiful Provence, Christian Etienne who was born there in her heart wants to share it with its clients under the watchful eye of the Palais des Papes. Avignon is his anchor but it remains faithful to the surrounding countries where he discovered, true to his search for the best, beautiful sun-ripened vegetables.
Christian Etienne ‘s restaurant is located in the heart of the old city. If the house at the top of its rocky hill, lost his symbol of religious power, it has become a symbol of beauty and pleasure of the senses. Christian Etienne chose and restored this magical place with the same passion, the same enthusiasm and the same pleasure he makes up in his subtle and tasty cuisine. Inside it, a wonderful place is waiting for you in which you will be able to admire the elegance and the constantly renewed decoration with the painted ceilings and wall frescoes.

It is a ferry place where nothing is fixed, the historic site preserves his memory but readily blends with the colors, red and yellow, that bring sensual light of Provence. Deluxe Drivers & Master Chef Christian Etienne welcomes you to the historic district of Avignon, Provence for a unique experience during a personalized tour with your private driver Avignon.