Chez Fonfon: In Marseille and available with our Marseille, Cassis, Calanques

You can not visit Marseille without tasting the exceptionnal speciality of the city. : the bouillabaisse, a symbol of the Marseillaise culture.
Bouillabaisse is a specialty of Marseille. It’s a fish-based dish that can be sampled as input (as soup), or main dish. The soup is then accompanied by croutons and famous rust.

Enjoyment of a seafood meal and Bouillabaisse in one of the city’s home grown seafood restaurants is a “Must do” of a stay in Marseille or of a private Tour with Deluxe Drivers. We will be happy to book this lunch for you during Marseille guided tours.
A Bouillabaisse is a seafood specialty to be enjoyed first as a soup appetizer and then served as a main course with whole fish, croutons and the world famous “rouille”. No doubt, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a reffined sea food meal ! Chez Fonfon is definitely the crucial address if you want to experience an authentic and teasteful bouillabaisse!
Deluxe Drivers team will be delighted to drive you in this authentic restaurant Chez Fonfon Marseille to come eat a Bouillabaisse or enjoy our fish specialties such as fish clay, grilled fish, the St. Jacques shells, etc