Van Gogh Provence Tour

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  • Duration: 4 to 6 hours, or full day tour.

   Deluxe Drivers takes you on a private tour to visit the key places of Vincent Van Gogh’s life in France. Your English-speaking driver will show you the Provence sites that inspired this remarkable painter. Mainly living in the towns of Arles and of St Remy, he dreamed about setting up l’Atelier du Sud (the south workshop) with his friend Paul Gauguin, but unfortunately a delirium took the best part of him. He spent the most prolific times of his artistic life in his unpretentious room in the Maison Jaune and in the area around Arles. Later, after having lost his mind, he was accommodated in the St Paul de Mausole asylum.

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Included : Knowledgeable english speaking driver and private car service, transport expenses
Not included : any entrance to museums or other activities when touring, driver’s meal, food and beverage, gratuity

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Stop 1

Van Gogh Provence Tour: Arles is a lively town dating back to the 7th century BC. Its great Roman sites, the Arena and the Theater, are integrated into modern buildings. Van Gogh had here his most prolific artistic period.

Stop 2
St Paul de Mausole

Saint Paul de Mausole is famous for having accommodated Vincent Van Gogh from May 1889 to May 1890. You will see the rooms where Vincent lived, the cloister, a small chapel and many details seen in his paintings.

Stop 3
St Rémy de Provence

The beauty of the surroundings and the pleasure of finding a serene and understanding atmosphere in Saint Remy were such that, in the space of a year, he had completed more than 150 paintings and numerous sketches.



Deluxe Recommandations

La Maison Jaune in St Remy

Enjoy the wonderful flavor of the Provence cuisine and its delicate desserts in St Remy. There is a pretty decor and pleasant terrace in the shade of a roof built from local tiles.


La Chassagnette in Arles

For an ambrosial summer experience, enjoy eating under the fig trees at dusk. When it’s truly dark, sip on La Dilettante hall while indulging in honey roasted white peach.

The Réattu Museum in Arles

At the crossing of the Rhone and the Cardo (the North-South axis of the Roman city), the place owes its artistic calling to Jacques Réattu, a painter from Arles and the 1790 winner of the Grand Prix de Rome.


Fondation Vincent Van Gogh in Arles

We can combine this Van Gogh Provence tour with its fondation. The main gallery on the ground floor welcomes the first in a series of exhibitions on the work of Van Gogh. The permanent installations specially commissioned for the entrance area will also be officially unveiled.