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Private Tour Provence: Marseille & Aix

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  • Duration: 8 hours

   You will enjoy discovering two of the biggest and liveliest cities of Provence during this private tour Provence Marseille Aix. Marseille and its Vieux Port where all paths converge, the fine views from the corniche or the neighbourhood of Le Panier. The Romanesque-Byzantine style basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde affords an unrivalled panorama over the whole of Marseille.

   You will drive around the beautiful countryside in between both of these towns where Cezanne and his friends found inspiration to paint at the footstep of Saint Victoire montain. The tour will end up in Aix en Provence, a young and vibrant town, where you will walk along the Cours Mirabeau and other majestic avenues, hidden squares and elegant fountains.

  It will be Deluxe Drivers’ pleasure to personalize this private tour of Provence depending on the clients’ wishes.

Included / Not included

Included : Knowledgeable english speaking driver and private car service, transport expenses
Not included : any entrance to museums or other activities when touring, driver’s meal, food and beverage, gratuity

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Stop 1

Marseille is the most “Mediterranean”, multicultural and dynamic city in France. The beating heart of this 26 century-old city is the emblematic old port. You will have the chance to discover during this private tour Provence Marseille & Aix , landmarks such as the Museum of la Vieille Charité, Notre Dame de la Garde, The Palais Longchamp. You will be then taken to La Corniche and the creek of Les Goudes.

Stop 2
Montagne Sainte Victoire

Drive round the mountain Sainte Victoire, enjoying the beautiful views of its slopes. A countryside full of authentic Provencal houses, an inspiration for many of the greatest writers and painters : Goguin, Stendhal, Mistral, Zola, and Cézanne.

Stop 3
Aix en Provence

Turned into the “Florence of Provence” by wealthy merchants in the 15th, Aix is a city of art and culture with a superb architecture that has been carefully preserved and restored. Walk along the Cours Mirabeau, the Cathedral St. Sauveur, the quartier Mazarin and its narrow streets, the workshop of Cezanne, the Pavillon Vendome with its furniture, and the Musée Granet.



Deluxe Recommandations

Le Bistrot d’Edouard

In this tapas bistro, let yourself indulge in Mediterranean fare: Iberian ham, bottarga, raw artichoke drizzled in olive oil, grilled eggplant with mint… this is how Edouard pleases you, on sun soaked terrace.
Bistrot , Tapas / Carte: 20€/30€


Pierre Reboul

In the old town, this original and stylised restaurant has a white vaulted ceiling, designer furniture and cosy drapes. The food is first and foremost creative, blending playful touches and graphic effects (single menu). Good wine pairings.
Menu: 42€/ 142€ Cuisine creative

72% Pétanque

 72% Pétanque is filled with local products made out of Olive oil. Nice shop and atmosphere.


Confiserie du Roy René

Aix’s sweetest treat since King René’s wedding banquet in 1473, is the marzipan-like local speciality, calisson, a small, diamond-shaped chewy delicacy wrapped in a communion wafer and glazed with white icing sugar. Traditional calissonniers still make the sweets, including Roy René, one of the best in town, possible to visit the factory on request.

La Maison du Pastis

If you want to understand PASTIS, sample it or buy it, this bright yellow shop is the place to come. About 95 types of pastis and absinthe are squeezed into its slender interior – most of them made by smaller producers. Four distilled by La Maison du Pastis itself are filled from big metal drums into customers’ empty bottles.


La cité Radieuse Le Corbusier

The name of a modernist residential housing design principle developed by Le Corbusier. The concept formed the basis of several housing developments designed by him throughout Europe. The most famous of these developments is located in the south of Marseille.