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Private tour Provence : Alpilles Villages and Arles

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  • Duration: 8 hours

  Your private tour Alpilles and Arles in the heart of Provence, the sunny bright region of France, start with Alpilles small range of mountains, many times immortalized by Van Gogh. You will then visit Eygalières and its stunning landscapes, before Saint Rémy de Provence, one of the most typical provençal villages and Nostradamus’ birth place. You will discover Les Baux de Provence and its fortified castle. Stroll in the many art galleries of these 2 villages.

   You can also follow the steps of Alphonse Daudet and visit his famous windmill in Fontvieille. Arles and its roman heritage will be your last stop with sites like the Amphitheater, the Arena or St Trophime’s Church and cloister, plus the famous Alyscamp, one of the most prestigious necropolis in the West.

   Another major area to visit during your private tour of Provence with your private driver guide.

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Included : Knowledgeable english speaking driver and private car service, transport expenses
Not included : any entrance to museums or other activities when touring, driver’s meal, food and beverage, gratuity

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Stop 1



During your private tour Alpilles and Arles you will discover Eygalières, a charming village surrounded by the superb landscapes of the Alpilles, with olive groves, green valleys and vine fields. The village has preserved its authentic charm with its beautiful stone houses and gardens.

Stop 2


Saint Rémy de Provence

One of the numerous “must-sees” in Provence surrounded by lush green perfumed valleys. Its ancient streets are lined with beautifully restored old houses. This town gave us Nostradamus and L’Arlésienne, an invitation to tasteful hedonism…

Stop 3


Les Baux de Provence

Set on a stark rocky spur of 900 m long and 200 m wide with vertical ravines on either side, the cultural heritage of this village is exceptionally rich, with 22 architectural treasures classified as “Historic Monuments”. Don’t miss the Carrières des Lumières, where wonderful multimedia shows are presented in the stone walls.

Stop 4

Synonymous of Provence and the singing of the cicadas and olive oil. Its quarries are renowned worldwide, with its stones used for major constructions. It is also renowned for being the adopted village of Alphonse Daudet, the author of “Lettres de mon Moulin”, “Letters from my Windmill”.

Stop 5

A lively Provencal town which dates back from the 7th century BC and as a major Gallo-Roman city. The major Roman sites, such as the Arena and the Theater, are integrated into the houses and buildings of the town. Feeling inspired by all these landmarks and Arles’s environment, Van Gogh had his most prolific period during his stay in this town.


Deluxe Recommandations

Marc de Passorio

The gastronomic cuisine at this restaurant makes the most of the best regional ingredients and recipes. The setting is calm and elegant with a harmonious mix of traditional and modern decor. Flower-decked terrace.
Modern and gastronomic restaurant

Cooking modern / Menu: 59€/ 108€ – Carte: 105€/124€


La Cabro d’Or

This restaurant is in a superb location with a lime tree-shaded terrace offering peerless views over the peaks that make this region famous. As does its olive oil, used to great effect in the cuisine here – an ode to the flavours of Provence.
Provençal Cuisine / Menu: 57€ (weekday lunch) , 81€ – 127€ – Carte: 112€/126€

Atelier Joel Durand Chocolat

Joël Durand  has been developing these culinary alliances between spices, flowers, herbs and chocolate in his tiny laboratory with old stone walls…


Château d’Estoublon

At Estoublon, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape and particularly of the olives trees, still harvested by hand to produce one of the best natural olive oil of The Vallée des Baux de Provence. The place also offers wine tasting of delicate wines produced there. Don’t miss their beautiful Christmas market!


Saint Paul de Mausole Monastery

Built in the neighbourhood of the Gallo-Roman site of Glanum, the asylum owes its name Mausolé to the proximity of the mausoleum of the “Julii”. It rises up out of the landscape thanks to its beautiful two-storey square steeple topped by a pyramidal roof. It adjoins the Saint Paul de Mausole mental hospital where Vincent Van Gogh was taken in after the episode in which he cut off his ear.


Musée Départemental Arles Antique

Brought together for the first time in this modern building, the collections of large statuary, models illustrating the city, splendid mosaic, reveal the remarkable wealth of Arles’s archaeological finds.
Avenue 1ere division France libre, presqu’île du cirque romain.