Paris Chocolate and Pastry

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  • Duration: 2 hours

  Deluxe Drivers proposes you a private tour to visit the best chocolate and pastry makers in Paris with an English speaking expert guide. For centuries, the French have been considered one of the best traditional chocolate makers and their processes are globally recognized. Most of the worldwide chocolatiers boast of their French techniques and have in deed, being trained in France. This tour in the heart of Saint Germain-des-Prés has been conceived for 100% Sweet Lovers. Discover the refinement of French pastry by tasting some of the classics like butter croissant, pain au chocolat, éclair, mille-feuille, tarte aux fruits, etc. You will know everything about their origins, their meanings and the ancient and modern preparations. Learn how to choose the best from the best and your breakfasts and tea-times will never be the same.


A guided walking tour of a Paris district and at least 5 confectioners or chocolate makers. Chocolates, cakes and pastries tasting.

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Combinable with
Chocolate Museum of Paris

Complement your visit with the Chocolate Museum of Paris Guided tour. As a chocolate lover, enhance your knowledge by discovering its millenary uses in Mesoamerica, and its introduction to Europe by Spanish conquerors. Learn more about the traditional and modern chocolate culture, its collection and its transformation. Ask Deluxe Drivers for more information.

Brasserie Lipp in St Germain quarter

This wonderful wood-panelled establishment was created by Léonard Lipp in 1880. It achieved immortality when Hemingway wrote its praises in “A Moveable Feast”. Let yourself delight by the choucroute garnie or the jarret de porc aux lentilles (pork knuckle with lentils), and for dessert, try the traditional Mille feuille or Baba au Rhum.