Luxury Gourmet Brands in Paris

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  • Duration: 2 hours

   Discover with Deluxe Drivers some of the best Luxury Gourmet Brands in Paris with an English speaking expert on a private tour. For generations, Paris has been the capital of gastronomy designers and creators thanks to its high level schools and to the inner French culture of food. The Luxury Gourmet Shops Tour will take you to discover the best houses and trademarks that have given an incorporated name to the culinary side of Paris. Walk through the beautiful Madelaine quarter and discover by yourself why Fauchon, Hédiard, Ladurée, Maille, and many others have created a great reputation all over the world. While visiting the shops, through anecdotes and stories, the guide will explain their history of success owed to major food creations and innovations. These boutiques are full of temptations, so don’t hesitate to make some shopping if you wish.


A guided walking tour around the Madeleine church neighborhood. This tour does not include any tasting. While visiting, you are free to purchase according to your wishes, but there is absolutely no obligation.

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The best “chocolatiers” in Paris

If you are a chocolate lover or if you want to discover another delicious side of French gastronomy, we recommend you to a tour of the best “chocolatiers” in Paris. Learn about their origins, their secrets, their best anecdotes and their key to success. Become an expert on cacao distinction and on fine preparation processes. Ask Deluxe Drivers for more information.

Le Stresa, very close to the Champs Elysées

This Italian cuisine restaurant is famous for its French stars clientele, so do not hesitate to ask the Pennette Pasta ‘Belmondo’ or a Linguine Pasta ‘Delon’. Enjoy the atmosphere with the antipasti drizzled with fruity Tuscan olive oil, the spinach ravioli, the calf’s liver, and why not, a smooth tiramisu for dessert. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.