Cheese Tasting in paris

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  • Duration: 2 hours

  Deluxe Drivers proposes you a private tour to know and to taste some of the best artisan cheeses in Paris with an English speaking expert. From now on, forget about industrialized products!, the Master Refiner will make you understand the different steps or phases to prepare a cheese, from the milk extraction to its transformation and maturation. You will differentiate the diverse families of French cheeses and their geographic origin denomination. From around 600 different cheeses in France, more than 50 are classified, protected and regulated. According to the season, the Master Refiner will prepare you an assortment of regional cheeses; all prepared from traditional raw milk that we are sure you will adore. This tasting workshop will be accompanied by various artisanal breads, and by some high-quality wines that will match perfectly with the cheeses selection.


A special menu that includes: a starter, a platter of 6 various cheeses with salad, 3 glasses of wine, artisanal breads, a dessert and a coffee, and the explanation of the Master Cheese-Refiner.

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Caviar tasting in Paris

Enjoy a Caviar tasting session by discovering 3 selections of products, served with a cup of Champagne. The Prunier’s Caviars will present you the origins of their unequal aromas and tastes, all got from their “savoir-faire” of a maturity process created by their mark. You will discover the interesting history of French Caviar and by the end of this tasting session, you will be entirely satisfied by the quality of this French product, while being an expert to identify the highest standards of quality.

Berthillon ice creams, St Louis island

Needing something sweet? Berthillon is the most-famous of all Parisian glaciers. After trying their variety, many consider they are in fact, the best ice creams in the world. The fruit sorbets are excellent and the one made with tiny wild strawberries, fraises des bois, is just delicious. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.