Private Transfer Provence Barcelona

Distances in Europe are much shorter than what we can expect. Indeed a transfer from Aix en Provence to Barcelona or from Barcelona to Provence is about 4h30min.

It’s a great way to combine 2 of the major interesting areas in south Europe. With a Mercedes sedan or a Mercedes Minivan offering confort and security, and with our english speaking driver you will be dropped off to your place of stay in all security. We do propose private transportation from France to Spain or Spain to France.

On the way, some interesting sites can be visited:

Carcassonne :The city on the banks of the Aude is visible from afar. Carcassonne is encircled by a double ring of ramparts dating back to the 13th century. The Porte Narbonnaise takes you to the old town, where the most important sights are the Château Comtal as well as the Basilique St-Nazaire, home to France’s finest stained-glasses windows.

Private Transfer Provence Barcelona
The Gateway to the Camargue was an area settled by the Celts, the Greeks and the Romans. Emperor Constantine had splendid residence here, where he summoned a council in ad 314. Today, Arles still has important roman buildings: the amphitheater with a capacity of 20000, the theater, which could fit 12000 people. The Romanesque Church of St-Trophime is a masterpiece of Provencal stone masonry, with a portal from 1190. The Romanesque-Gothic cloister adjacent to the church is considered as the most beautiful in all Provence.

These are just 2 options of stop on the way to make the transfer to Barcelona even more enjoyable.