Louix XV Alain Ducasse : In Monaco and available with our French Riviera Highlight Tour

  His philosophy is based on this principle : to reinterpret a cuisine that is essential, simple, clear and comprehensible to everyone, by creating a subtle balance between tradition, evolution and modernity. The exceptional menus and wine-list guarantee rare moments at table that are etched forever in diners’ memories;
  In Monte-Carlo, the Louis XV-Alain Ducasse is dedicated to good taste and fantasy. Since its opening, within the Hotel de http://medicine20.org/ Paris more than 25 years ago, authenticity and culinary elegance have always been delicately combined.
  Monaco is a must see in the French Riviera. Don’t hesitate to contact our Deluxe team to organize for you a customized tour of the French Riviera including a lunch or dinner in one of the best restaurant in the World.