Limo for Paris Fashion week

There are many Fashion events going on in Paris, the city of ‘Stylish people’. Deluxe Drivers team is happy to open the gate of the Fashion in Paris. We can propose several services such as a Personal shopper tour in Paris, a car and driver for our private transport, a guide if you want to combine that event with a bit of sightseeing. There is a lot to do in Paris with Deluxe Drivers.

Please find below the main dates of 2016/2017 Fashion show in Paris.

  • Prêt à Porter from September 27th  to  october 5th 2016
  • Designers Apartment from september 29th to october 5h 2016
  • Men Fashion from January 18th to 22nd  2017
  • Fashion show from january 22nd to 26th  2017
  • Prêt à Porter from 28 february 28th to March 8th 2017
  • Men Fashion from June 21st to 25th 2017
  • Fashion show from July 2nd to july 7th 2017
  • Prêt à Porter from september 26th to October 4th 2017

Fashion Week was launched in 1943, aiming to publicize the creations of American fashion designers. Since then, fashion week has conquered the world, and the biggest names in fashion present their seasonal collections not just in New York, but also in London, Milan, Madrid, and of course, the fashion capital, Paris!

Paris Fashion Week Autumn / Winter edition brings you up to date with the latest trends in fashion: Chanel, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino … the biggest names in haute couture will be showcasing their latest creations at catwalk shows around the city.

Our team can organize your private limo for Paris Fashion week transportation. In all security discretion and confortyour english speaking driver will be at your disposal during the different events you will participate.

We also have connections in the Fashion industry in Paris. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you would like to get a VIP entrance tickets to one of the major events.