Deluxe’s TOP 5 of the month: Christmas Markets in Provence. November to January

Without excluding the beauty of many others in the region…

5. The Baux Christmas Markets in Provence. This picturesque town makes of December something special. On December 2014, enjoy the santons workshop for children in the market and the exhibition of the illustrator Jean-Marc Rossi.

4. The Marseille’s Christmas Markets in Provence. A big market in a big city, but very charming and diverse. This Old’s Port market offers ceramics, soap, sweets, and even olive-oil chocolates!

3. The Aix’s Christmas Markets in Provence. As taken from a fairy-tale, the cours Mirabeau dresses up with the Christmas market. Besides the Provençal traditions, Aix en Provence hosts its twin towns, to show to show a bit of their Christmas customs in the market and in the streets.

2. The Avignon’s Christmas Markets in Provence. The enchanting Horloge’s square is the scene of the Avignon’s beautiful market. Example of Provençal traditions, you will find Tables of the 13 desserts. Come to find out what it means!

1. The Arles’s Christmas Markets in Provence. Besides its wonderful market full of Provence, Arles celebrates Christmas in an unusual way. Shows, music and fireworks display for the “Drôles de Noël” or Funny Christmases. In 2014 the theme will be the poet Frédéric Mistral, and an international conference of santons.