Driver Commitment

Our Drivers, Life Style Guides and Driver Guides are selected with great care:

– on the basis of their appearance (distinguished, elegant),
– interpersonal skills (savoir-vivre, speech, sense of service)
– and knowledge (foreign languages, general knowledge, knowledge of their region).

Bilingual, careful and punctual, they make sure that you relax while satisfying your expectations. They will do everything to ensure that you go on the tourist itinerary of your dreams…

The driver will accompany the client and will remain at his disposal at all times during service with flexibility and adaptability. He will help with luggage and anything else during your trip.

English-Speaking Drivers

English-speaking Drivers

They just drive and communicate easily with you to welcome you at the airport. They can be very helpful during directed services or during a tour with a guide.
They are fully licensed to drive a vehicle classified as public transportation (limo).
They know their way around, understand any order but cannot give much touristic or historic information about your destination. They will not be able to engage in a long discussion but will be very helpful with simple advice or local tips (currency exchange office, etc…)

What an English-speaking Drivers (ESD) can do:
-Arrival or departure transfers
-Arranged services for shopping or business meetings
-Tours associated with a licensed guide

Life Style Guide

Life Style Guide, aka knowledgeable English-speaking driver

Also know as a knowledgeable English-speaking driver, many travel agents use the term LIFESTYLE GUIDE, and we think this is a perfect way to describe their services.
They are very experienced and used to hosting foreign tourists. They are extremely familiar with the sights you will undoubtedly want to visit. If you have made a list of “must-sees” for any city you are visiting, they will gladly take you wherever you may want to go and describe each place in perfect and understandable English.

What a lifestyle guide / knowledgeable driver can do:
-Drive you along our prefixed itineraries all around France
-Design your itinerary or customize any tour depending on your wishes

Driver Guides

They are fully licensed as national guides to lecture and accompany our guests into French museums and monuments. Plus they are licensed to drive limousines as well. Your knowledgeable and pleasant guide will help you get the most enjoyable and best enriching experiences through the regions and towns in which you travel, leaving you with splendid memories of your time in France!
The amount of information provided will be more thorough and personalized to your particular interests.

What a Driver Guide can do:
-Drive you along our standard or customized itineraries all around France including historic monuments and museums.
-Guide and comment about monuments and museums

Driver in Provence


Raised in Marseille, Sébastien studied catering and wine before moving to South west England where he leaved three years and worked as a sommelier. He also lived in Spain before coming back to France and work at Villa Gallici hotel in Aix. Sebastien is part of the Team since 2008. He is a great companion for our guests to discover Provence along the different tours in which he could introduce to so many unknown recommendation.

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