03 February 2021

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Deluxe France Drivers Guides

Since early days Deluxe France has its own team of drivers and guides all around the country. We also have our own fleet of Mercedes vehicles. E class sedan. S class sedan. V class minivan. Mercedes Sprinter.

One of the question we often receive from the travel agents or clients is ‘What profile should I book for each of my services? This post is to describe better how to chooses among Deluxe Drivers & guides profiles for your services in France.



Deluxe France Drivers & Guides Options



English speaking drivers


English speaking drivers just drive and communicate easily with clients.
They are fully licensed to drive a vehicle classified as public transportation (limo).
Most importantly, they know their way around. Moreover, drivers understand any order.  But cannot give much touristic or historic information about your destination. Also, they will not be able to engage in a long discussion. However they will be very helpful with simple advice or local tips (currency exchange office, etc…)

What an English-speaking Drivers (ESD) can do:


  • Arrival or departure transfers
  • Arranged services for shopping or business meetings
  • Tours associated with a licensed guide



Knowledgeable english speaking drivers (Life style guide)


Many travel agents use the term ‘Life Style guide for knowledgeable English-speaking driver.  It is a perfect way to describe their services.
They are a lot of experience in hosting foreign tourists. First they are extremely familiar with the sights you will undoubtedly want to visit. Secondly, If you have made a list of “must-sees” for any city you are visiting, they will gladly take you wherever you may want to go. Your driver will describe each place in perfect and understandable English. However, they are not allowed to guide inside museums or classified sites.


What a lifestyle guide / knowledgeable driver can do:


  • Drive you along our prefixed itineraries all around France
  • Design your itinerary or customize any tour depending on your wishes



Drivers Guides


They are licensed as national guides to lecture and accompany our guests into French museums and monuments. They are licensed to drive limousines as well.
Your guide will help you get the most enjoyable and best enriching experiences through the regions and towns. It will leave you with splendid memories of your time in France!
You will have more informations according to your particular interests.

What  Drivers Guides can do:


  • Drive you along our standard or customized itineraries all around France including historic monuments and museums.
  • Guide and comment about monuments and museums



Licensed Guides


They accompany our guests into French museums and monuments.100% of our guides are LICENSED as NATIONAL GUIDES. Please note that being a guide requires, in France, 3 to 5 years of university background.


What Licensed Guides can do:


  • Walking tour in cities like Paris, Avignon, Nice for Architecture or Art History tours
  • Guiding in any museum in France (Louvre, Orsay, MUCEM, Rodin etc…), for any special exhibition, or in any historic monument like Loire Castle, War museum in Caen, etc…