Exclusive Private Bordeaux Walking Tour

Through a walking tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the old town and its historic monuments. Deluxe Drivers and its experts will be pleased to guide you to places that cannot be overlooked. Let’s walk around imposing squares and pleasant avenues….

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Included : -Private Walking Tour with knowledgeable English speaking guide
Not included : -Entrance tickets to any museum or monuments

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Through this exclusive Private Bordeaux walking Tour , you’ll be taken to the main attractions of the city. We’ll take you to typical highlights of the classic style.  You will uncover the massive Cathedral Saint André at the city hall. Then, discover the impressive National Opera and its twelve Corinthian columns . All of them radiate a feeling of greatness and splendor.

Located at the north side of the Sainte Catherine Street, admire the famous Regent Hotel known as the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux.

Your guide will not miss a couple of meters away, the Monument aux Girondins. This complex of fountains symbolizes the triumph of the Republic.  Located in the Esplanade des Quinconques, the Monument turns out to be France’s largest building square and Bordeaux’s biggest cultural monument.

Not far from it, you will be amazed by the Place Royale. Also called Place de la Bourse, its classic fountain in the center will get you amazed.

To please you even more, we’ll bring you to a lovely walk to the Garonne River’s right side. Better known as les Quais de Bordeaux, you will enter in the most interesting part of the city. Indeed, your exclusive Private Bordeaux Walking Tour continues while strolling through the Chartrons neighborhood. We’ll guide you to the north district used by the greteast wine merchants and barrel makers for the past 300 years.  Seen as a florishing neighborhood with cafés, open-market plazas and other surprises, the Chartrons is often compared with Paris’s intimate Marais district.

Before walking all the way, you’ll contemplate the wonderful stone bridge and appreciate the atmosphere of the peaceful city of Bordeaux.

We will tailor your exclusive Private Bordeaux walking Tour  to suit your preferences. You will explore the historic port sights all the way, according to your convenience. Our Deluxe Drivers services will provide you a licensed english speaking guide who will make sure to satisfy your expectations during this Exclusive Private Bordeaux Walking Tour.


Informations :
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Meeting point: at your hotel