All over the earth, vast companies enjoy the PDRs and do not see any minuses in them. To our mind, the reason for it is that they are not in touch with all the strengths they can get from the Online storage areas. In cases when they tested the Virtual Repositories at least once, they […]

“Following 2017’s anniversary edition, the Festival is beginning a new period in its history,” says Festival President Pierre Lescure. “We intend to renew the principles of our organisation as much as possible, while continuing to question the cinema of our age and to be present through its upheavals.”

Featuring amongst today’s 3 greatest events, (behind the Olympic Games and the football World Cup), this amazing golf competition always stirs great excitement and emotion amongst fans: more than 60,000 spectators and several millions of viewers are expected to follow the event worldwide. A mega event in the world of sport! More info here.